Security Consulting



Analysing and understanding individual cases of intrusions help to understand an organisation’s exposure and overall security posture. Tempest works by assessing existing vulnerabilities and the techniques that can be successfully used in attacking the organisation.


By sharing information and best practice on methods, commonalities of targets and threat actors Tempest helps clients build their defences pro-actively.


Our mature R&D labs offer a strong blend of methodology and technical expertise. Our people work on highly innovative projects revolving around automobile security systems to hardware hacking, digital currencies, ATM and POS security, versatile cyber simulation exercises and more.

Our tradition of in-depth technical security research and industry partnerships allows us to add value to your business.

In early 2009, Tempest Security Intelligence started changing how it advised its clients to deal with and respond to cyber security issues, working towards a threat-based approach to security. We help business leaders and security teams to answer the following questions: Who wants to attack the organisation? How do they behave? What are their resources? What can they do? What have they done to our clients, their competitors and their industry so far?

São Paulo

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