Restlessness is part of our DNA. 

Cristiano Lincoln Mattos

Chief Executive Officer

Fernando Moraes

Chief Operating Officer

Ada Rosenfeld

Sales Director

Peter Johnson

Managing director

Aldo Albuquerque

Director of Threat Management

João Paulo Lins

Director of Vulnerability Management

We know as much about security engineering as hacking – we understand that to build a good system for defence we need to understand how it can be broken.

Rafael Lachi

Threat Modelling

Marco Carnut

Blockchain SME

Ricardo Ulisses

Technical Director

Our inclination to always think outside the box allows us to see through the attackers lens; reproduce their methods and identify your fragility.

Leonora Wall

HR, Compliance, Comms

Henrique Arcoverde

Technical consulting

Rafael Silva

CEO El Pescador

Isabela Bourbon

Finance Director

Gustavo Monteiro

Head of AllowMe

Alvaro Teofilo

Head of Digital Identity Solutions

São Paulo

+55 (11) 3198-6200

Avenida Lavandisca, 777
Edf. Lavandisca 777 Corporate, 4º andar
Moema / São Paulo-SP / Brasil
CEP: 04515-011


+55 (81) 3419-0800

Rua Madre de Deus, 27
Edf. José Ermírio de Moraes (Votorantim), 15º andar
Bairro do Recife / Recife-PE / Brasil
CEP: 50030-110

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