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Protection of Environments

The threat scenario changes as fast as technology does, therefore it is necessary to conduct on-going security assessment activities from a wide range of perspectives, thus contributing to a clear view of the level of protection applied to the business. For the understanding of its defences, Tempest offers the following verification methods:

“El Pescador” – Phishing Simulation

Phishing is a primary vector of attack on businesses and organizations. Using a wide variety of techniques, criminals provoke and convince users, through fraudulent emails, to click on malicious links, download malware, and access fake websites, among other actions classified as phishing attacks.

Due to the persistent and unpredictable nature of such attacks, threat mitigation arises as the most effective means to reducing any damage. El Pescador seeks to raise Security Awareness by simulating a variety of phishing attacks as well providing remedial education and raising maturity levels. The consistent evaluation and remediation of the vulnerability users pose, consistently contributes to more robust security.

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